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         Sister Cities of Durham

Youth Committee
All High School students are eligible to participate in Youth Committee Activities.

Youth Committee was established in 2014 and membership is open to all high school students in the Durham area.

The Youth Committee is being re-activated for 2023. 

September, 2020.

More information on this page later.


-- Video Conferencing with students in Arusha about water projects.

-- Attending the Annual Meeting of Sister Cities International

-- Participating in the Holiday Parade as flag bearers.

-- Youth Summit for all students

Pictured are Durham youth at RDU preparing to welcom youth from our Sister Cities

There a many activities available to youth:

Young Authors and Artists program with Sister Cities International.

Youth Summits
Assisting City Committees at SCD Festivals

Hosting youth from our Sister Cities

Flag bearers in the Durham Holiday Parade.  .