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         Sister Cities of Durham

Kavala, Greece

Kavala, Greece - Kavala is a port city located on the Aegean Sea. The Committee is partnering with Duke Homestead Tobacco Museum and Kavala Tobacco Museum.

Kavala, Greece has a unique connection with Durham. The economy of both cities in the 19th and 20th centuries focused on tobacco. Kavala was the port city for grading and shipping Turkish tobacco throughout the world, with much of it going to Durham's tobacco companies. Kavala also has a Tobacco Museum and we are partnering with Durham's Duke Homestead Tobacco Museum in this Sister Cities relationship.

Activities of the Kavala Committee:

-- Partnering with Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum

-- 15 Member Durham delegation to Kavala in 2018, hosted by the Mayor of Kavala

-- 25 member Durham delegation to Kavala in 2019 to participate in their International Ethnic Dance Festival, as one of 9 nations dancing.

The Cane Creek Cloggers represented the Durham area and North Carolina.

Also, 4 board members had a booth to distribute Durham information at the Festival.