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         Sister Cities of Durham

Durham, England, United Kingdom  

PIctured above: The poppy wreath, sent from Durham, England, was placed on the World War I Memorial in Durham with representatives of the County Commissioners and City Council attending.

DURHAM, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, Sister City since 1975.

Durham is a former coal-mining region. Durham's university is the third-oldest in England.

Its 900-year-old cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In our "Mountains & Waterways" focus, Durham is just 20 miles inland from the North Sea, 

Activities of the Durham-UK City Committee

-- Neighbor Exchanges between the two cities

-- Photo Project: Photos of Durham, NC to Durham, England for Exhibit

-- Global "Tea Tasting"

-- WW I Wreath Ceremony

-- Exchanging music and theatrical groups from Durham, England

-- Castle Theatre of Durham University presenting Shakespeare plays

-- School exchange visits