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Sister Cities of Durham, NC

Projects, Documents, Lists

Our "Peace Grove" at Durham Central Park is a partnership between Sister Cities of Durham and Durham Central Park, with support from the City.

9 Overcup Oak trees were planted in Jan to represent our nine Sister Cities. (Pictured at left.) They are hardy trees providing good shade.

Because of the difficulty of the native trees of some of our Sister Cities to survive in the Durham area, we used the same tree for all of our Sister Cities.

In order to recognize the trees that are representative of our Sister Cities, we will have signage connecting the 9 trees with Sister Cities of Durham.

Annual Sister Cities/Mayor’s Awards for “Promoting International Understanding”

This is a partnership between Sister Cities and the Office of the Mayor of Durham. The purpose is to recognize both individuals and organizations (non-profits and businesses) in the Durham community who have made significant contributions in helping Durham citizens expand their understanding and awareness of Durham’s international connections. An occasional award is presented to an international guest who has made similar contributions.

2014 Recipients: Kathie Davidson, Riverside High School; Bill Ingram, Durham Tech Community College; Latino Community Credit Union;

Sister Communities of San Ramon, Nicaragua; Susan Urakami, Toyama, Japan; Shuangyan Duan, Zhuzhou, China

2015 Recipients: Star Sampson, Holt Elementary Language Academy; Tatiana Podvetelnikova, Kostroma, Russia; Durham Children’s Choir

Rotary Clubs of Durham (Durham, North, Southwest, Sunrise), and the Rotary Club of Durham, England

2016 Recipients: Lenora Helm Hammonds, North Carolina Central University; Wendell Tabb, Hillside High School; Durham Bulls Baseball Club

2017 Recipients: Mayor Bill Bell (Mayor 2001 - 2017); American Dance Festival

2018 Recipients: Dionne Jimenez Githens Middle School; Aaron Greenwald, Exec Director, Duke Performances; Bouncing Bulldogs Youth Group

2019 Recipients: Past Mayors, 1985 – 2011, Honorary Chairs of SCD and instrumental in the growth of Sister Cities of Durham

Wib Gulley, 1985-89

Chester Jenkins, 1989-91, deceased;

Harry Rodenhizer, Jr. 1991-93, deceased;

Sylvia Kerckhoff, 1993-97;

Nick Tennyson, 1997-2001

Cane Creek Cloggers

2020 Recipient: Heidi White, Director International Student Services, DTCC

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Sister Cities of Durham Dorothy Borden Annual Volunteer Award

This award is named for Dorothy Borden, the Founding President of Sister Cities of Durham, to recognize members for long term service to SCD.

2012 Mavis Mayer

2013 Anne Berkley, Dottie Osborn

2014 Richard Hill, Scott Hill

2015 Julia Williams-Davis, Ann Evangelisto

2016 Chris Boyer, Boyd Strain

2017 Gwenn Bookman, Dick White

2018 Margaret Harrison, Margaret Neely

2019 Jim Force, Tony Ntiregewala

2020 Nancy Proia, Linda Horstman